UCLA Janss Steps Surprise Proposal


I received a message on Instagram one Sunday about my availability for a proposal happening the following Saturday. Chali was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Elen, at UCLA, which had deep roots in their relationship. Elen’s sister, Nona, was the one who messaged me, and she along with their other sister helped a lot to make the day happen.

I arrived at UCLA to meet up with Chali before Elen’s sisters were bringing her for what she thought was a ceremony/event for Nona’s schooling. Well, this event was entirely made up, but it was a great excuse for Elen to get all dressed up! Chali had just flown in that morning from Texas as Elen thought he was flying to South America for a trip, so it was a COMPLETE surprise for her to see him when she reached the top of the Janss steps at UCLA.

This lovely group of people was so sweet, and I’m so thrilled for these two to be officially engaged!