Los Angeles Wedding Photographer & Videographer


Hey, I’m Becca!

I absolutely love getting to know my clients on a more personal basis—exchanging texts whenever we think about each other, connecting for coffee whenever we’re in each other’s neighborhood.

My goal is to learn a couple’s vision for the wedding and know it inside and out, so they can trust me to bring that vision to life when that day comes and their job of planning is done. I also love to be in the background and have often gotten the, “I didn’t even realize you were there when this happened!” from couples when they get their wedding photos or film back. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of things on a wedding day; you may not even notice that a moment is a moment until you see it from another perspective and can relive it all over again… and again… and again…

And that’s precisely why I’m there — so you can live in the moment and after the moment.


What I’m known for:

I’m usually the quiet one of the bunch, and I get some pretty killer candid shots at weddings because of that.

One of my favorite parts of my business is the editing aspect, and I even take on editing for some other photographers (connect with me if you’re a tog looking to outsource!).

Since I love editing so much, I always give my clients a sneak peek of their wedding or session within about 2 days, and the full gallery or film comes not long after. We both know friends and family will be bugging you for photos, so don’t make them wait!

Things I love*:

  • Baking, as well as eating things that have been baked (donuts, cookies, you name it)

  • My home state of Minnesota

  • Hand-drawn animation

  • My husband, Andrew

  • Cats (I don’t have one now, very unfortunately)

  • Having wine with Andrew over a home-cooked meal on our apartment patio

*in no particular order