Malibu Hills Surprise Proposal


Haik reached out to me back in April about his upcoming proposal to his girlfriend, Anahit. He had an elaborate plan to make her think they were showing up to a friend’s party (he even had fake flyers designed!). While she did see the engagement coming, the actual proposal turned out to be a nice surprise to her! Both their families were there to celebrate, complete with champagne toasts, dinner, and a small gift exchange. While the family set up for the dinner, I grabbed the newly-engaged lovebirds for some portraits on the property, which was a gorgeous home (mansion, really) up in the Malibu Hills.

Proposals can be a little nerve-wracking to cover, but I am so happy with how this turned out! Haik planned it all out so perfectly, and Anahit is so lucky to have a man who puts so much thought and care into making moments like these so precious.

Props to my associate Brian who helped me out so Haik & Ana could have both photo and video of this special day!!